Stillness In Motion (Ongoing)

...Stillness in Motion captures the depth and spirituality of dance as a medium through which Africans construct a progressive future not only in their art but in their everyday lives. A ritual of sorts which has been practiced for as long as we have existed. From time immemorial, we have used dance as a means of communication. We dance when we are happy, we dance when we are sad. We dance to celebrate new life, we dance for the dead. We dance in times of peace, we dance as we march to war. We dance to seek answers, we dance to commune with the spirits and conjure up the powers of the universe.

Therefore, in seeking to un-write history as they have been taught, break free from the hold of the present and reinvent their future, the future of their people and their continent, these young Nigerians look to dance as a portal through which they draw knowledge, guidance and the courage to change what is perceived as reality. Through movement they conjure up and shift into a realm of timeless existence; a world where all is right, all is just and all is sure, where past present and future unite into a beautiful awareness of the now enabling them to decisively navigate their present reality in their current space of physical existence, blazing a path towards a future written by them; a future with infinite possibilities where their potentials have no bounds.

This realm can only be reached through the realisation of oneness of creator and creature, a consciousness of themselves as a thread in the sacred web of the universe.

©Nyancho NwaNri