b. 1986, HK.



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Multichoice Nigeria
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EXibitions :

Standing Out III: Unmasked. The Wheatbaker Hotel, Lagos, NIG. 2018

One Home, One Farmer. Didi Museum, Lagos, NIG. 2017

Mo|ve|ments. Lagos Dance Gathering. National Theatre, Lagos, NIG. 2017

Canon Storrytelling Workshop. LagosPhoto Festival, Lagos, NIG. 2017

Abstract Connections; Exploring Intangible Bonds. Tamerri Festival, Abuja, NIG. 2016


A filmmaker and documentary/conceptual photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria whose work revolves around African history, culture, languages, spirituality and social issues.

Her works have been exhibited at various festivals locally and regionally including Chale Wote Street Art Festival, LagosPhoto, Ndiva Women's Film Festival and Tamerri Festival.

Nyancho NwaNri was the curator of Photo Exhibition at the inaugural edition of Tamerri Festival- a first of it's kind art and culture festival in Nigeria.

She is also an Accredited Canon Film and Photography Trainer under the Canon Miraisha Programme, conducting trainings and workshops across Africa.

CV available upon request.